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Passion Planner

Daily Planner - Undated - Cosmic Blue

Daily Planner - Undated - Cosmic Blue

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If you could be anything, do anything, or have anything, what would it be? The sky’s the limit with the Passion Planner’s shimmery Daily Undated Cosmic Blue planner! Passion Planner Daily visually helps you align your days with your dreams in 3 steps: (1) Define your long and short-term goals in the passion roadmap.
(2) Choose your game changer goal. And (3) break it down into actionable steps that you can add to your daily layouts.

Cover designed by Leslie J. Lee.

Details * 93 Undated Daily Layouts — if used every day, it would come out to be a little over 3 months! * Sections include–daily focus, personal and work to-do lists, free space to grow, self-maintenance, the space of infinite possibility, a mood tracker, and a one-word summary. * Includes 4 Monthly Layouts * Green Ribbon Faux Leather Cover * 120 GSM Paper * Printed On Sustainably Sourced Paper * 14 Additional Dotted Pages * Back Pocket * Reinforced Banded Enclosure

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