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Kawaii Slime Company

Fuwa Fuwa Time Icee Cloud Slime

Fuwa Fuwa Time Icee Cloud Slime

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This snuggly Slime was inspired by the soft, comforting feelings you get from freshly laundered blankets! We hope this Slime will melt your stress and evoke the same warm and fuzzy feelings you get while in the comfort of your own home. Fuwa Fuwa translates to "fluffy" in Japanese and it pairs perfectly with our super airy, fluffy Cloud Slime we created. Since we used Clear Glue to achieve this Slime it really adds to the visual airy softness experience as well as providing a mesmerizing drizzly effect. Each Slime is scented like the snuggle type of fabric softener we all know and love! Also included is the moon charm, stars and cuddly bear.
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