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Blissful Baths: 40 Rituals for Self Care and Relaxation

Blissful Baths: 40 Rituals for Self Care and Relaxation

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Relax, refresh, and recharge with this charming deck of 40 soothing bath tea recipes—each card features a “recipe” for a rejuvenating mineral bath soak made with essential oils, crystals, flowers, and other natural ingredients, while intention mantras on the flipside enhance relaxation, focus, self-love, or alignment. Unwind your mind and body with the gift of blissful bath time! Baths are the ancient relaxation ritual for modern well-being.

Soothe stress with an Inner Smile bath blending lemon and daisies. Promote rest with a Lavender Dreams soak mixing dried buds and amethyst. Or refresh senses with a rosemary and sea salt Focusbath. These beautiful cards are the perfect self-care ritual for self-love—and they will help you align your energies to manifest your heart’s desires.

Inspired by historical bathing practices, these cards help you absorb the meditative power of intentional bathing. Each recipe card guides you to create an enviable tub scene to share or savor privately. An affordable luxury that transports you to the tranquility of ancient bathhouses, right at home, and a thoughtful way to disconnect from devices and stress.

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