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Earth Tonix

Earth Tonix Konjac Sponge

Earth Tonix Konjac Sponge

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Meridian Scalp Massage relaxes the mind, stimulates blood circulation & hair growth while opening up the blocked channels in the head. It has a long history & was practiced in ancient Ayurvedic medicine. By massaging the scalp, you promote the flow of
Qi (the body’s vital energy) & blood in the related meridians, treating not only hair loss, but also improving the body’s overall well-being. This Wide Tooth comb detangles all hair types and works especially well with curly hair.

Recommended every morning, night & anytime you are feeling tired or stressed. Move the wood comb from the front to the back of the scalp along each of the five regions. Repeat strokes at least 20 times for each line, starting in to middle of your head (the Du Meridian), then combing the two lines on one side & then the two on the other (a total of 100 strokes & will usually take about 5 minutes). Take care not to stop short of the back of your neck, since this area is filled with pressure points. In the morning, we recommend using faster movements for an invigorating feeling that gets you ready for the day. At night, try a slower soothing message to promote relaxation and sleep. Pay attention to the indents and bumps in your scalp. Some might be more sensitive than others. Use a good amount of pressure, but remember that the

massage isn’t meant to be painful. Make sure the comb remains in contact with the scalp to ensure an effective massage. The back of the comb can also be used to massage the neck. Use the massage time to meditate, relax, practice an affirmation & breathe.
Keep your comb dry & clean. If it dries out, add a little wax or carrier oil (beeswax, grapeseed oil, olive oil, etc).
The comb will naturally become more green in time due to the nature of Green Sandalwood.

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